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Raku firing is made more comfortable with the Nabertherm Raku kiln.
Raku is an ancient Japanese technique and means joy. The RAKU 100 chamber kiln ensures that you can also experience this joy when firing your individual pieces. The removal of the ceramic art pieces while hot makes the firing process a real event. The subsequent rapid cooling and immersion by covering the material with leaves, straw, shavings, etc. thereby reducing the glaze. Beautiful colors and the famous craquelure on the surface give each work of art its very own character.

Raku kilns are easy to use and can be operated by one person. The simple and ergonomic loading from the front enables clear placement of the objects to be fired. Even when hot, the kiln door can easily be opened widely so that it faces away from the operator. Of course appropriate protective clothing must still be worn.

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Nabertherm Raku kilns
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